10+ best job website( to work from home in 2021)

If you’re looking for the most well-paid, best jobs sites on the market today, whether you’re freelancing on the side or full-time, then you’ve come to the right place.

No matter if it’s a few more bills than usual these days, a slow down at your day job, a boss that’s getting progressively worse, or you’re just ready for a change of pace—I’ve got your back with these best freelance job websites.

One of the most common refrains you’ll hear, is that it takes time to build up a freelancing career. You need to invest in yourself, whether it be classes, software, or branding. You need to make connections, you need to start with lower paying work to build up a portfolio and get your name out there.

And yeah, all of that is true. But that doesn’t mean you can’t start now. Like, RIGHT NOW.

Just because it takes time to build a freelance business doesn’t mean you can’t get going this instant and start with landing a paid freelance job today. So I compiled this list of freelance job sites that you can get started on right now.



Doing freelancing is one of the most profitable and stable work online today. If you deliver real value to people, they will pay and will avail of your services regularly. Start your freelancing career with Fiverr. It is the world’s largest marketplace for digital services claiming to have facilitated 950+ services per hour last year. You can find jobs ranging from logo design, voice-over talents, social media marketing, proofreading, translation jobs, virtual assistance, copywriting, and others. You can start by registering with Fiverr and posting a gig. If a buyer avails of your services, you get to keep 80% and the rest goes to Fiverr. You can price your gigs anywhere from $5 to $995 or more. Requesting for payout is available 14 days after a fulfilling an order. 

You can also use Fiverr to ramp up your game with other earning opportunities presented in this blog. Use it to hire designers for Teespring, web developers for Travel Payouts, content creators for Modsquad, or social media marketers for Shopify. Read on to find out more about other earning opportunities.


Get paid $10 for every 20-minute video you create reviewing apps and websites. The digital space is hypercompetitive and designers and developers pay good money to get genuine human feedback of their work. They want to know if the website or app has good design and intuitive workflow. They use this data to identify areas for improvement. 

Start by signing-up and submitting a short sample video to get qualified. You need a PC or Mac to review websites and an Android or iPhone to review apps. You will also need to install a software provided by UserTesting to enable you to record the screen. 

There are specific tasks thats need to be done when reviewing apps and websites such as searching for a specific product or trying out the check out process. It can also be open-ended tasks such as spend 5 minutes with the website. Once the task is completed, there are questions to evaluate the experience.

Amazon MTurk

Amazon MTurk is a portal where you can do micro jobs on the internet. Work available are those that cannot be automated which includes; transcription jobs, short surveys, categorizing tweets, signing up to programs, spoting objects on an image, recording videos, and data collection. 

According to Sarah Kessler in her book “Gigged”, the median hourly rate of a worker doing MTurk in the US is $4.65 while in India is around $1.65. This method does not promise huge earning potential (some websites even call it a sweatshop) but this is still a legitimate way to earn online that is why it ended up in this post.

As an expert, you get work whenever and wherever you like plus you get to earn extra income from things that you already know.


JustAnswer provides a 24/7 on-demand expertise from certified professionals such as doctors, lawyers, mechanics, vets, computer experts, plumbers, engineers, and teachers. It is website where people can ask and get answers directly from professionals at a fraction of the cost at only $5 per question. You get the answers pretty fast too in only about 6 to 30 minutes. You can ask anything from cars, computers, health, family law, criminal law, veterinary, finance, parenting, pediatrics, and others. This is like an upgraded Yahoo Answers (sorry Marissa Mayer). 

To become an expert with JustAnswer , you need to pass a rigorous 8-step screening process which starts with the submission of your credentials, certifications and other documents. You need to pass a test on your selected expertise to get verified. As an expert, you will be monitored based on user’s feedback and other expert’s review. This will dictate if you will stay with JustAnswer or not. 


Eatwith matches individuals with passion for cooking with those who love to eat. It works like Airbnb but for meal sharing. Why would people want to dine with a stranger? Well, if you are a tourist and crave for some authentic home-cooked food in a cozy environment, then Eatwith is the place to go. You can even book food tours, cooking classes, and wine tasting sessions. 

How can I trust my host? Eatwith screens them well which adds a layer of security. You’ll also be able to read their profiles, see pictures of their surroundings, know their stories, background, also reviews from previous customers. EatWith also provides insurance for its customers for any unwanted incidents during the event. Now that’s even better than a restaurant. 

Let’s talk about earning from this website. EatWith maintains a very strict standard for selecting hosts which means not everyone will pass the selection process. Start by clicking “Become a Host” from the website and create an account. Key in all the required details then create an “Experience” – this is your listing. Submit and wait for 14 working days for the review process. As a host, you are in complete control over the menu and price. If you have a passion for cooking and loves entertaining other people then try EatWith. Becoming a host is absolutely free.


Buying groceries have become a chore for some people. Honestbee connects people who does not have time to get their groceries with people willing to do it for a fee. Honestbee pays its “bees” per grocery line item. 

Doing tasks with Honestbee is like a game. You will be given a list of items to pick up given a certain timeframe. If you accomplish the task you get paid. It can really be addicting for some. Bees can earn S$0.20 (varies per country) per line item. If you want to be physically active while earning some extra cash, try this platform. By the way, bees do not need to buzz when delivering groceries. 

Honestbee has over 20,000 partner bees since 2015 in 8 countries accross 16 cities in Asia. Besides groceries, it also delivers food.


Transcribing is the process of converting audio files to text. The whole process requires a lot patience as it can get really boring. TranscribeMe is a platform that made this seemingly monotonous job become more enjoyable. They cut long audio files into short segments and distribute them to different transcribers. This way, each transcriber only gets 2 to 4 minute voice clips and not very long conversations – too bad you won’t get to hear the whole story… 

Start by creating an account with TranscribeMe. There is a qualifying exam before you can start. All the materials needed to pass will be given by the website. The exam includes 8 questions and 3 transcription tasks with each transcription file running about 4 minutes each. Allot 1 whole day for studying and finishing the exam. Remember, follow the style guide as this is where most of the errors come from.  If you fail the exam twice, TranscribeMe will not let you take it until after 30 days. If you pass, it will take approximately 1 business day to activate your account. TranscribeMe supports English, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, French, Scottish and Vietnamese – unfortunately, they don’t support Chamicuro…


skillshare is a website to get quality courses taught by creators, professionals and entrepreneurs. Learn (or teach) anything from creative writing, design, web development, photography, music, soft skills, social media marketing, storytelling, business analytics, leadership, management skills, and a lot more. If you want to jumpstart your freelancing career, SkillShare is almost a necessity. There are tons of quality information for a small price. You can join SkillShare for free and get access to 1,800+ courses. Ramp up your learning and access 25,000+ additional courses just for $6-$12 a month. That’s a lot cheaper than other learning websites where you need to pay per course. 

Let’s talk about earning with SkillShare. As a course creator, you can earn anywhere from $200/month up to $100k/year! That’s almost comparable to a full time job. Teachers get paid by the minute that students watch their videos. It works like a royalty system. SkillShare charges a monthly subscription from its students which then gets pooled and distributed to its content creators monthly. Let’s say the monthly subscription pool collected is $1000. If the overall watch time on SkillShare is 100 minutes and your videos were watched for 10 minutes, you get $100 or 10% of the $1000 subscription pool. Don’t start telling your mom to watch your videos 24 hours a day. As long as your topic stays relevant and students watch it, you get paid.


iTalki is a Hong Kong based company that pays individuals to teach a language. You can teach English, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, and others. As a teacher, you set your own availability, rates, courses, duration and pricing. iTalki requires a good internet connection and a VOIP software such as Skype to be able to teach. 

Start by registering with the website as a student then select “Become a Teacher”. If you have a teaching degree or have a professional teaching experience in a university or school, you can be a professional teacher, otherwise you’ll be a informal or community tutor. 

You will need to submit a 1-3 minute introductory video showing your teaching skills and fluency in the language/s you are intending to teach. Check the video for some guidelines about creating a good video. Someone from iTalki teacher service will call you for a video chat. It may take 10 to 17 days to process your application.


Gengo is a Japan-based translation platform with over 21,000 translators worldwide. They cater to translation jobs in English, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish and others. 

Start by creating an account with Gengo then take a pre-test which contains 5 multiple-choice questions. If you pass, you can take the translator’s test either as standard or pro translator depending on the result of your pre-test (4/5 correct = standard, 5/5 correct = standard or pro). The translator’s test will require you to translate a 300-word document. The results will be available between 7-14 days. 

If you fail the test, you will need to wait for 3 days before retaking. You are allowed to take the test a maximum of 3 times in 6 months. If you pass, you can start working by going to the dashboard and selecting available jobs. How much you earn depends on a number of factors such as the language pairs, industry baseline and the cost of living per country. It can vary from $0.03 per word (English and French) or $0.018 per character (Japanese and Chinese). Gengo pays every 10th and 25th of the month with a minimum payout is $2 for Paypal and $20 for Payoneer. 

After finishing the translation job, customers will have 5 days to approve, reject or request for modifications. If there is no action after 5 days, your work will automatically be accepted. Customers will then review your work and rate it. If you get 1 or 2 stars (out of five), your current work will be checked by a language specialist from Gengo. Depending on the gravity, you may receive some coaching on how to improve.


When it comes to setting up your workspace, regardless of location, do so with two things in mind: increasing productivity and minimizing distractions.

Let’s take for example someone who has a spare bedroom they can set up as an office. With nothing else in your way (and not many guests coming over to stay for a while), you can set up your desk, computer and anything else you need without encroaching on other areas of your home or the lives of your family.

Also, since you can close the door to your guest room for a little extra seclusion from the rest of the house, it’s much easier to keep distractions at a minimum. Conversely, if you’re using a shared space to work from home, such as a dining room table or kitchen counter, you’ll have to work a bit harder to remain productive and minimize distractions.

Here are some tactics you can try to help carve out quality work from home time:

  • If possible, work at times of day when distractions are at a minimum (like when your children are sleeping)
  • Set up your workspace to prevent distractions (like placing your desk against a wall so you can’t see what’s happening around you)
  • Share your work schedule with your family so they know when you’re busiest, thus reducing the likelihood of intrusions

One last thing to consider is that people who work from home are more likely to overwork, than under-work. In other words, it can be a struggle to set clear boundaries, so many work from home veterans find themselves working night and day.

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